Felix Krasyk

Mrs. Wassenberg & Esprie - Felix Krasyk - 1954

Mrs. Wassenberg & Esprie - Felix Krasyk - 1954

Felix Krasyk, a Charleston, WV native, spent the period of 1952 to 1959 in New York City working and learning textile design. He spent his days working at B. Altman’s and his evenings painting.

Speaking of those New York years Krasyk says, “I painted to keep myself from going nuts. Whenever I went home at night I closed and locked the steel apartment door and it felt like a prison. After all, I am a ‘country boy’ and I missed West Virginia.”

In 1959, Felix returned to Charleston, caring for his parents and working at Woodrum’s Department Store as a designer. He later co-founded Interior Design, Inc. in Kanawha City. Krasyk’s New York paintings were stored away.

There they remained until a 2006 exhibit at the University of Charleston’s Frankenberger Art Gallery. This inspired the artist to once again return to art after 47 years at age 80.

In February 2007 The Purple Moon presented their first showing of this artists work in an exhibit that mixed Krasyk’s 1950’s work with current pieces entitled Past & Present: a half-century of art.

In The Charleston Gazette’s review of that show, Amanda Miller stated, “As someone directly influenced by the apex of modernism, Krasyk brings a quality of work back to Charleston reminiscent of West Virginia modernist Blanche Lazelle.”

The Thinker - Felix Krasyk - 1957

The Thinker - Felix Krasyk - 1957

Felix Krasyk’s work was equally well-received by collectors for both his 1950’s works as well as his later and pieces.

Felix Krasyk passed away in March 2010 at the age of 83. The Purple Moon continues to represent this creative and passionate artist’s work and has available both original art pieces as well as limited edition print of a number of Krasyk’s early 1950’s paintings