William D. Goebel

Woodburn Hall - William D. Goebel

Woodburn Hall - William D. Goebel

Rarely did an artist ever focus as much attention on his home city and home state. No other artist ever developed such a unique niche in the history of Charleston, the capital city of West Virginia. Few other artists ever caused us to look so closely into his pictures and at the same time look so closely at our surroundings.

When William D. Goebel focused his pen on the historic architecture of Charleston, West Virginia he figured he would do a few drawings here and there, perhaps using a few as gifts. After selling one drawing while a student at West Virginia University, he sold his next drawing at the age of thirty for the amazing price of $25.00. After that, he produced and sold hundreds of original drawings and thousands of prints and his style became immediately recognized by West Virginians living throughout the world.

After Goebel picked up a pen and began to draw local subjects for use as note cards, Jack Trail and Victor Weigand, owners of PRO ART, a local art supply store, suggested that he produce a limited edition print from one of his drawings. His work grew from simple black and white “scribble sketches”, to huge, highly detailed originals, and he added color to his work.

Goebel graduated in 1973 from Concord College in Athens, West Virginia with a Bachelor’s degree in Education and in 1979 from the West Virginia College of Graduate Studies, with a Master’s, also in Education. He took post-Masters work at Columbia and Long Island Universities. In 1984 he was a Humanities Fellow at Georgetown University as part of a National Endowment for the Humanities project entitled “The Odyssey Institute”.

William D. Goebel died in 2005 at his home in Charleston, West Virginia.

The Purple Moon handles not only Goebel’s highly-sought limited edition prints but also many of the artist’s pen and ink original works.